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Good Experimental


Good Experimental Practice

The main purpose of pesticide authorization trials is to ensure that the test product produces the desired effect; does not damage crop plants; and its use does not impede technological, toxicological, environmental, nature and food safety.
The CPR Europe conducts biological tests for plant protection licensing in accordance with GEP (Good Experimental Practice) guidelines. Application may be based on the Test Methods Collections published by the Department of Plant Protection and Agri-Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture and EPPO Standards. The purpose of the experiments is to prove the effectiveness of using the proposed technology.
Our company performs laboratory and field experiments on small and large plots. For example, the germination percentage and germination vigor of plants, seed infestation and content characteristics are determined in a laboratory.
The purpose of small plot trials is to determine the exact and detailed field effects of the treatments, when sufficient information is not yet available (eg new dose effect study, dose adjustment, phytotoxicity control). Authorization trials must be set up in four replicates. Small plots are usually 10 to 50 m2 in size. Small plot treatments are performed with a back compressed air sprayer with variable frame widths of 1.5 to 3 m.
Large parcel sizes are used for demonstration experiments. For large-plot experiments, the size of the plots is 500-20000 m2. Large parcel treatments are carried out with a suspended 10 m wide sprayer.
Trials can be carried out under greenhouse conditions. We can carry out artificial infection in the experimental area, apply weed seeding techniques and provide irrigation conditions.
Our mobile device park allows to set up trials throughout the country. Plots are sown, managed and harvested in our own experimental area and in leased areas. We have all the tools and equipment necessary for the trial work.

Power machines, transport vehicles

Zetor Major 80
Isuzu F2R (11 t total weight)
MAN TGM 12.240 (14,4 t total weight)

Harvesting tools

Sampo SR2010 plot harvester
Zürn 150 plot harvester
Wintersteiger Nureserymaster Elite plot harvester

Sowing tools

Haldrup SP-35 pneumatic seeder
Wintersteiger Plotseed XL mechanical plot drill

Tillage equipment

Vigolo EN 185 folding rotary harrow
AARDENBURG ALPHA M 2000 flail mulcher
Iseki SA1360 tiller
Komondor EFGC105 flail mulcher

Spraying equipment

self-made compressed air plot sprayers (14 pcs)
Stihl SR 430 mistblower (7 pcs)
ISEKI Landhope 180 + Forrás 200 large plot sprayer
Coltri Sub MC 6 sh compressors

Laboratory equipment

BIOBASE vertical laminar flow cabinets
Bresser Advance ICD 5microscopes
Bresser Researcher Trino 40x – 1000x microscopes
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drones
MiniInfra Scan-T Plus grain analyzer
Numirex seed counter
Pfeuffer Hecto grain tester
Pfeuffer Helite moisture meters
PKHF-01_10 biological cooling-heating thermostat
PKL 2002 H sterilizer
Rainin pipettes
Sanoclav LaS-3-20 autoklav
Vili 11 laboratory sunflower peeler
Wintersteiger HEGE 11 liquid seed treater


Good laboratory


Good laboratory practice

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice): a quality system that deals with the organization and conduct of non-clinical health and environmental safety studies; including their planning, implementation, auditing, documentation, archiving, and issuance of a final report.
There are two main parts of residue analytical tests: one is the laboratory part the other is the field part, which is performed by our company, CPR Europe. For GLP trials, test samples are provided to the analytical laboratory in a given crop. The system's operation in accordance with GLP guidelines guarantees the reliability of test results throug the whole work process.
Our services:
  • Full implementation of field phase of residual analytical studies in international projects
  • Design and development of the field part of residual analytical tests in any crop
  • Set up plant protection trials for residue analysis in any crop throughout the country
  • Testing for residues in soil
  • Professional sampling based on the study design
  • Storage of test samples and preparation for shipment


Variety testing

CPR Europe Kft. is a leading contract research company delivering conventional and biotechnology seed /trait research, providing product development and regulatory services. These are provided to the agricultural, biotechnology and food industries, government bodies and agricultural commodity suppliers, on a global basis.

Our team
It is made up of highly trained, technically competent scientists and managers. CPR Europe Kft. ensures that its employees comply with all policies and procedures, in accordance with local biosafety and government regulations.

Our technical team, experienced in testing conventional and biotechnological seeds, offers the following services:

crop variety evaluation
trait development
abiotic stress testing
drought stress testing
nitrogen use efficacy testing
biofuel variety testing
seed treatment testing
silage variety testing
protein expression
nutrient composition
agronomic equivalence evaluation


Labor testing

With our laboratory content analyzer and the equipment required for sample preparation, we can measure the following content parameters:

wheatproteinmoistureglutenZeleny number   
durum wheatproteinmoisturegluten    
maizeproteinmoisture  starchoil 
sunflower moisture   oiloleic acid
rape moisture   oil 
soybeanproteinmoisture   oil 

Development, technology

Technology development,
Plant protection
plant protection technologies

Development, technology

Technology development,
Development of plant protection technologies

The purpose of pesticide development trials is to:

  • optimization of application times, doses, modes
  • developing the most appropriate plant protection technology
  • comparing efficacy with other products on the market
  • to determine the impact on non-target organisms

Our company performs trials according to the customer's proposed technology, according to the customer's requirements, and in accordance with the international standards in any crop species in the country, unless otherwise requested. We attach the greatest importance to the greatest possible flexibility and fast, professionally based work. The trial reports are written in English in the ARM program.

Research, presentations

Plant protection research,
Professional presentations

Research, presentations

Plant protection research,
Professional presentations

Our company participates in tenders and research programs.
Our colleagues also carry out educational activities at universities and colleges.
We provide a practical placement for college and university students.
We strive to establish a link between theoretical and practical research.
With the establishment of our professional workgroups, not only the continuous professional development of our staff is ensured, but they are also open to students and researchers. They organize trainings, participate in forums and conferences.