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About us

CPR Europe is an independent, leading research company present throughout Hungary

which provides a full range of services in the field of product development and consulting to agricultural, biotechnology and food companies, public organizations and agricultural suppliers. CPR Europe's highly trained, experienced and committed research and management staff guarantees high research and development potential. Our goal is to provide competitive, independent, usable research results in plant production, plant protection, environmental protection and product marketing.

Our range of field, laboratory and glasshouse offerings include: Bioefficacy (GEP) trials, Environmental chemistry (GLP) trials, Ecotoxicology, Analytical services, Public Health, Seed services, Program management/Study Direction and Regulatory services.

Our company was established in 2006 and delivers a wide range of services.

Our headquarter is located in Szombathely, Western Hungary; Our locations: Debrecen, Hódmezővásárhely, Csurgó, Balatonfűzfő. We are present in all regions of Hungary. From our 35 staff, 4 have a PhD degree, 1 has a college teacher and 30 have an Msc degree. We perform nearly 700 efficacy and 100 GLP studies per year. Our experts experienced in all fields of plant protection (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, regulators) help our work.

Open jobs

Development engineer

A CPR Europe Kft. munkatársat keres Betöltendő munkakör: Fejlesztőmérnök Feladatok: Növényvédelmi kísérletek beállítása, értékelése • Technológiai fejlesztési kísérletek koordinálása • ...

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Plant protection technician

A CPR Europe Kft. munkatársat keres Betöltendő munkakör: Növényvédelmi technikus Feladatok: • GEP szerkísérletek előkészületeiben és végrehajtásában való részvétel • ...

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